Configure privileged API access for Antminer


This feature is available on all modern Antminers, including S7, S9 (all batches) and L3+.

In order to monitor a miner like Bitmain Antminer, Awesome Miner is connecting to the Cgminer/Bmminer API running on the miner to request information. By default, Antminer has the API enabled, but the API is running in Restricted mode. In Restricted mode it's possible to view statistics and information about the mining, but no changes like pool operations or restart can be performed.

To get full access to the API, Privileged mode instead of Restricted mode, the Antminer must be configured to allow this. Awesome Miner can connect to Bitmain Antminer using SSH to enable Privileged API access. This operation can be performed on multiple Antminer's at the same time, to make the management of a large number of miners efficient.

Automatic configuration

Follow these steps to enable Privileged API access for one or many Bitmain Antminers.

  1. Select the Antminers you want to configure API access for in the main window of Awesome Miner
  2. Select the menu option Tools -> Antminer -> Configure API access
  3. Enter SSH username and password. The default username is root and the default password is admin
  4. Awesome Miner will automatically detect if you are using S7, S9 or a mix, so in typical cases, leave the Auto detect feature enabled
  5. There are two options for specifying which from which IP addresses the API should be enabled. Please note that it is not the IP address of the Antminer that should be specified. It's the IP address of the computer or network where Awesome Miner is running.
    • Any IP address: The Antminer will allow API connections from any IP address. This option should only be selected if the Antminers are in a secure network.
    • Specified IP rule: The Antminer will only allow API connections from the IP addresses specified by the rule. All Privileged rules must use W: in front of the IP address. Learn more about API access rules.
      The Antminer itself requires API access from localhost ( for internal use. A rule for this will automatically be appended if not already specified.
  6. Click OK to apply changes to all selected Antminers
  7. The Antminers will be restarted after the changes have been applied, and will for that reason appear as Disconnected in Awesome Miner for a short period of time.
enable bitmain antminer privileged api
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