Large scale GPU overclocking

Awesome Miner can change GPU settings, including GPU core speed and fan speed. The operations can be performed on a large scale - on many miners at the same time. This feature is available on all computers where Awesome Miner or Awesome Miner Remote Agent are running, and available without having to run any mining software. Instead, Awesome Miner uses MSI Afterburner to perform the operations where all common nVidia and AMD graphics cards are supported.

The steps below describes the steps how to change the GPU settings for multiple Managed Miners.

  1. Select the Managed Miners you want to configure in the main window of Awesome Miner
  2. Select the menu option Tools -> GPU Settings...
  3. Select one or more GPU's and make the changes to one or more GPU properties. The properties available will be different based on GPU model.
  4. Click Apply to confirm the changes

MSI Afterburner

MSI Afterburner and MSI Afterburner Remote Server must be running on all computers to be controlled by Awesome Miner. The software can be downloaded from the MSI website. Install and run both the MSI Afterburner and MSI Afterburner Remote Server software.

Voltage control

In order to enable voltage control settings, this must first be enabled in MSI Afterburner. Open the Settings dialog in MSI Afterburner an enable both Unlock voltage control and Unlock voltage monitoring.

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