Managed Templates

Managed Templates defines settings similar to a Managed Miner, and can be used to quickly change the configuration for one or many Managed Miners. By defining a template for Ethereum mining and another template for Zcash mining, the process of switching between these two are made easier and can be performed on any number of miners at once.

Managed Templates are defined in the Options dialog, Managed Template section as illustrated below.

To use a template, select one or more Managed Miners in the main window and go to the toolbar More, Apply Template. Select a template to apply to all selected miners, as illustrated below. If the miners are running, they will be restarted with the new configuration.

The Description field of the Managed Template is used to display the name of the template itself, and it will not be applied to the Managed Miner. The "Add to worker name" field is can either be included or excluded from the template. If excluded, the Managed Miner will not get a new setting from the template. To exclude the "Add to worker name" field from being applied, click the checkbox until it shows the middle-state (filled box) as indicated in the screenshot below:

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