Getting additional help with GPU mining software

Awesome Miner includes support for launching several popular mining software. However, product support is not given on any of these external mining applications as the respective development team is responsible for their software. The links are given below.

Questions about how to get a specific computer or GPU to work with mining are not part of the Awesome Miner support. If the GPU mining software cannot be started manually from the command line, the problem is outside the scope of Awesome Miner and no support will be given. If the mining software can be started outside Awesome Miner, then full guidance will be given how to make the same configuration in Awesome Miner.

The first step when troubleshooting why the GPU mining isn't working is to ensure that the the GPU drivers are up-to-date. It's also important to ensure that any overclocking isn't making the GPU's unstable.

For questions about which command line parameters to use for specific mining software, please refer to the readme-file or documentation for this specific software. If the information cannot be found, please contact the development team for the mining software using the links below.

Disable specific algorithm or software from profit switcher

In some instances, it can be a specific algorithm or a specific mining software that isn't compatible with your setup. To configure this, open the Profit Profile properties dialog. Right click on the miner and select Edit Profit Profile. In the Profit Profile Properties, uncheck the mining software and algorithms to exclude from the profit switcher.

Awesome Miner discussion forum

There is an active community around Awesome Miner on the BitcoinTalk forum.

Links to support, documentation and discussions about specific mining software

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