The main window of Awesome Miner provides the tab Notifications where all notifications are listed. This is illustrated in the screenshot below. Awesome Miner notifications
Symbol Description
Notification acknowledged
The Notifications tab will be highlighted if there are at least one notification that isn't acknowledged. Some events will not generate more than one notification until that notification has been acknowledged.


This section describes the settings in the Options dialog, Notifications section, of Awesome Miner that are related to notifications. Awesome Miner notifications

Notification levels

These settings configures the actions to be taken when a notification is created, configurable separately for information and warning level notifications. All notifications will be dispalyed in the Notifications tab in Awesome Miner, but can additionally be displayed as a desktop popup window or sent as an e-mail message.

Desktop popup

Configuration of how many seconds the desktop notifications will be displayed on the screen. The desktop notifications are by default displayed in the buttom right corner of the screen.

Notifications bitcoin mining


Configuration of e-mail server and account to be used for sending notification messages by e-mail.

The fields Sender name and Sender e-mail address will be the name and address that will be displayed in the From section of the message being sent.

The field Default receiver e-mail address is the e-mail address where the message should be sent to. This setting can be overridden when defining custom rules, but the address configured here will be the default.

Most e-mail service provides requires authentication to send e-mail messages using their SMTP server.

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