Remote Proxy for large scale mining operations

Remote Proxy is a feature only intended for large scale mining operations. Remote Proxy is when a dedicated computer runs the Remote Agent application, but instead of controlling the mining on only the local computer, it will connect to a large number of miners and report the status back to Awesome Miner.

When designing a large system, the load on the Awesome Miner main applicaton can be reduced by setting up one or several computers as Remote Proxies for making the majority of all network connections to the miners. A Remote Proxy is a standard Awesome Miner Remote Agent installation that has been configured to be used as a Remote Proxy in Awesome Miner. This feature is currently only supported for External Miners.


To configure a Managed Host to be used as a Remote Proxy, open the Properties dialog of the host via the Options dialog, Managed Hosts section, and enable Use as Remote Proxy as illustrated below.

By default all miners either don't have any Remote Proxy assigned at all, or use Local to also indicate that no Remote Proxy is used. There are two ways of assigning an External Miner to a Remote Proxy.

  • Open the Properies for the External Miner and go to the Remote Proxy section
  • Right click on one or many External Miners in the list of miners in the main window of Awesome Miner, and make the change as illustrated below

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