Introduction to Awesome Miner

Awesome Miner is a Windows application for managing and monitoring mining of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other crypto currencies. Awesome Miner provides centralized management for up to 10,000 miners from a single user interface. It manages and monitors mining software like Cgminer, Sgminer, Claymore's Ethereum Miner and all other popular software.

Awesome Miner supports two modes of controlling the mining process, External Miner and Managed Miner. These modes supports both local and remote miners for all popular mining software, with monitoring and control of the mining operation.

Getting started with GPU mining

  1. Download and install the Awesome Miner main application on a single computer
  2. To run mining on multiple computers, download and install the Awesome Miner Remote Agent application on all computers that will be used for mining. Remote Agent should however not be installed on the computer where the Awesome Miner main application is installed. Make sure the Remote Agent is running on all the computers before proceeding to the next step.
  3. When adding a new miner there are two options, and as part of the setup it's possible to specify on which computer the mining will be running:

Getting started with ASIC mining

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The sections below describes the concepts in Awesome Miner in more detail.

External Miner

Managed Miner

Managed Profit Miner

Read more about the differences between the External Miner and Managed Miner features.

Awesome Miner Remote Agent

Awesome Miner Remote Agent is only required when using the Managed Miner feature to connect to remote computers. Remote Agent is installed on the Windows computers to be controlled by Awesome Miner. Awesome Miner can use the Managed Miner feature locally without the need of Remote Agent.

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