Awesome Miner Cloud Services

Cloud Services provides a web based interface to Awesome Miner
Manage and monitor your mining operations from any device from any location

Multi-user access

Define accounts for multiple users to sign in to the web interface
Assign permissions and specific miner access for each user account


Improves the notifications by adding Telegram app notifications and SMS messages
Receive notifications in case of network failures
mining monitoring via mobile phone

Getting started

Follow these easy steps to get started with Awesome Miner Cloud Services

1. Sign up for a subscription

Cloud Services subscription is included with the Awesome Miner subscription.

If you only have an Awesome Miner license without a subscription, you need to sign up for the Cloud Services subscription in order to use Cloud Services - the first 30 days are free. You can cancel the subscription at any time during the first 30 days to avoid any charges. A valid license for Awesome Miner is required in order to sign up for a Cloud Services subscription. To use Cloud Services, both an Awesome Miner license and a Cloud Services subscription are required.

2. Create an account

When the subscription has been activated, you will receive an e-mail with instructions to create a Cloud Services account where you also define a password.

3. Enable in Awesome Miner

Click the Cloud Services button in the status bar of Awesome Miner and enable the services by entering the password you defined in the previous step. Awesome Miner will now be able to push monitoring information to the cloud and send SMS notifications, depending on your configuration. See Configure Awesome Miner to use Cloud Services for detailed instructions.