Affiliate Program for Awesome Miner

By joining the Awesome Miner Affiliate Program, you can earn a commission when you refer new customers to Awesome Miner. A commission will be paid for each new sale.

  • Affiliates are paid through our partner Impact Radius.
  • Impact Radius handles all promoting tracking.
  • Payouts can be made via electronic funds transfer or PayPal.
  • All commission for sales in a given month are locked for the remaining days of the month and for one additional month.
  • The commission is paid to the affiliate after the locking period.

Commission Terms for Awesome Miner

  • 10% commission for an Awesome Miner Subscription
  • Commissions are based on Net Sales, after transaction costs and refunds
  • Referrals are only considered for credit if a sale is made within 30 days from using the referral link
  • Commissions are payed for the first 400 days of a subscription
  • It's not allowed to sign up as an affiliate in order to only to get a subscription for yourself
  • It's not allowed to promote Awesome Miner in an unethical way or in a way that could harm the good reputation of Awesome Miner
  • We reserve the rights to terminate any affiliate account that doesn't comply with the terms and conditions above

The purpose of the affiliate program is to bring new customers to Awesome Miner, which is the reason why a commission is only given on the initial license sale. Any existing customers that sign up for Cloud Services or upgrade their existing license will not result in any commission.

Get started with affiliate program

Register for Awesome Miner affiliate program to get started.

After registering, add a promotion link on your webpage.