Use advertisement links and banners on your webpage

To promote Awesome Miner on a webpage there are a couple of advertisement options to choose from:

  • Text Link - This ad displays a simple text link. Example:
  • Banner - This ad displays a clickable banner image. There are banners available in various sizes. You can use more than one banner. Example:

Add an advertisement on a webpage

  1. Sign in to your registered affiliate page
  2. Click Ads/Search Ads
    1. Find the most suitable ad in the list.
    2. Click Get code button for the ad you want to use
  3. Click Copy to clipboard button to copy html for the ad to your clipboard. The html is automatically generated and contains code to display the ad content as well as a tracking link assoiciated with your unique affiliate account.
  4. Paste the html code in the clipboard to your webpage html file(s)